Try these stretches before and after inversion exercises for even better results

stretching before inversion exercisesStretching can be very effective at eliminating any discomfort and allow you to take care of routine daily activities. The lumbar region of your back has many types of tissue, and this area is very susceptible to injury and sprains. There are a number of exercises that are designed to help stretch out the lumbar muscles in your lower back and offer pain relief.

These stretching exercises can be very beneficial even if you have chronic pain if they are performed regularly. I am sure by now you already understand the benefits of using inversion tables. Check out some of my inversion table reviews here.

One of the best stretches for the lower back area is very simple and easy to do. Lay on the floor with your back flat. Pull your knees up to your chest, and then hold your knees in this position with your hands. Slowly rock back and forth using a gentle motion. This exercise not only helps minimize back pain but also massages your lumbar area and stretches out the muscles.

There are many other stretches for back pain that may also be recommended by a physician or back specialist. Lay face down on the floor, keeping your back and body straight and pointing your toes backwards. Position your hands at your armpit level and then push down against the floor, causing your shoulders and upper back to raise up some. Push your hips down towards the floor at the same time, and hold this position as long as possible for up to 30 seconds.

Another great stretching exercise for your entire back including the lower region is the table exercise. Get on the floor on your hands and knees, keeping your back straight so you resemble a table. Alternate between curving your spine upwards and then downwards, so your back dips and then arches. Hold each position for 10 seconds before switching. Performing this exercise 5-10 times will stretch and strengthen your back muscles and help eliminate back pain.

Stretching can be very effective, and may work as well as many medications and over the counter pain relievers. Stretching out your back muscles in the lumbar area will keep these tissues in optimal condition and help stop any pain in this area. There are stretches that almost anyone can use, and the benefits will be seen in a fairly short period of time.

Make use of these exercises before each inversion session, and you will soon be back on the way to full health and comfort. Remember, a great inversion table such as theĀ Ironman range of tables, or the tables made by Teeter, are well worth your hard earned money.


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