Emer Deluxe INVR-08B Review

Emer Deluxe Foldable Gravity Inversion Table for Back Therapy Exercise FitnessThe Emer Deluxe INVR-08B is one of the least expensive models of inversion tables on the market, and as such has some drawbacks. If you’re looking for an inexpensive alternative to many of the higher end tables, this model may be the right choice for you.

In the following review, we will outline the advantages and disadvantages.


The Emer Deluxe INVR-008B is currently unavailable. I suggest you check out some of the other top models available.


Quite frankly, the assembly of this product can be a nightmare. The tools included are cheaply made and don’t fit as well as they should. It’s advised that you use your own tools. For some reason, the manufacturer thought that combining a bunch of wrenches and a little screwdriver was a good idea. (It’s not.) It will most likely hurt your hands to use it, and it could actually cause injury if you’re not careful. If possible, throw this tool set out and grab some real tools to assemble with.

The instruction sheet shows each part as if the unit weren’t partially assembled on delivery. You’ll have to determine which pieces have already been put together before you can begin assembling the rest. If you have any type of technical or engineering background, you should be able to figure it out pretty quick. But for the rest of us, you’re probably going to get a headache before you’re done.

We would advise that you get some extra bits – a real tool set, extra nuts and washers – before beginning. Not that these things are missing, but there is a possibility. It’s better to expect that with such an inexpensive product. Emer really dropped the ball on this, and other tables are much easier to set up.


This table is adjustable. This is a good feature when several members of your family are seeking inversion therapy. However, depending on specific construction, it could be difficult. In most cases, these adjustments only take a few minutes.

The Emer Deluxe allows for three specific settings, and changing these settings require completely removing the back rest. It might be easier if you could get your whole family to just agree to the same settings. There’s unfortunately no way around this.

The balance must be adjusted for each person also. Due to differences in body distribution, height alone is not a good measurement tool. Checking to ensure that the machine is properly calibrated is fairly simple. You should be lifted only a few inches when your ankles are secured and your arms are crossed. If you aren’t lifted at all, you should move the height adjusting shaft a little bit at a time until you are. If the table keeps rotating, you will have to move the shaft in the other direction. The proper height for you can vary by as much as three inches either direction.

The last adjustment can be skipped if all users wish to fully invert. Otherwise you will have to set the preferable incline angle for each person. This is adjusted by a tether strap that, at the ideal angle, will become tight. This would be simpler if there were markings on the strap to make for easier memory. You could always stitch a brightly-colored thread at the measurements you’ll be using most. If all of the users will be fully inverting, this tether strap can be removed completely.


The low price point would have you expecting an inferior product, but this table is actually pretty sturdy when compared to other models in this price range. The steel frame is painted – not powder coated. This means that it’s not very scratch resistant. If you have to disassemble it at some point, you’ll probably scratch it when putting it back together. This is minor.

The A-frame has folding brackets to secure the headrest and cover the openings. There are four stabilizers made from a hard plastic that help to support the full weight of the table as well as the user. This is pretty sturdy, but could be improved.

The design of the back rest is a bit narrow, so you may have trouble finding a place to rest your arms. However, you should have no problems performing inverted exercises. This back rest is made of a thin layer of foam. It could be improved by using a thicker foam, but for the price, you can’t really expect too much from it. Tables costing more can provide a much more comfortable inversion experience.

When fully inverted, you won’t be connected to the back rest at all. In order to recover from this “lock out” position, the rubber padded hand rails may be necessary. These are shaped specifically to be in easy reach no matter which position you’re in. This allows you to control or stop the inversion process at any point.

The built-in lumbar pillow is a bit too soft and flat for most users, but it is detachable. This is great, given the fact that the ankle supports aren’t the most secure. You may find yourself sliding a few inches when inverted.

Dimensions and Accommodations

When shipped, this table fits in a box that’s 5.5” x 30.5” x 51.5” – not exactly small. Once assembled, it stands 55” high, 48” long, and 27” wide. It is designed to support users up to 6’6” and 300 pounds. Users under 4’1” are advised against using this table.

Ankle Restraints

The ankle supports leave something to be desired when compared to reviews of higher end products. They aren’t particularly comfortable, and the foot rests aren’t very adjustable. You can adjust by about an inch backward or forward, but that’s it. These ankle restraints feature foam rollers to the front and a spring-loaded mechanism with a long lever.

For those who may be used to higher-end models, this is nothing special. If you have thin ankles and/or are tall, your head will most likely not sit right on the head rest. The heel cups are quite secure, however, and side-to-side movement is eliminated. The tough rubber padding makes them uncomfortable to the user. But again, this is an inexpensive inversion table.

The front rollers offer a little more adjustment due to the ratcheting system. They do what they’re supposed to, provided you aren’t fully inverted. For full inversions and extensive exercises, you will want to use some extra padding. The long lever is by far the best feature of the ankle restraints. You use the spring-loaded pin in top to lock your ankles in, and also to release them.


Honestly, I don’t even know why inversion tables allow for folding to store. They’re often heavy and bulky, even when folded down. That being said, this unit does fold down “flat” – at which point it will need to be propped up against something. It won’t stand on its own in this position. It won’t be completely flat – the hand rails don’t actually fold down. The space you plan to store it in will need to be at least 20”.

It’s also quite a bit lighter than many inversion tables, so it’s not impossible to move around. It is pretty impractical though, since it’s not very easy to store.

If you don’t have much for storage space at all, you may decide to remove the back rest and the adjustment shaft. This process can take awhile, but will significantly reduce the size and allow to store it in multiple pieces.


Unlike many other inversion tables, this particular model is made in China. This enables it to be made very inexpensive. It does reflect on the quality, though. Considering the entire line of Emer Deluxe tables falls in the $100 range, they still manage to get the job done. Keep the price in mind when considering the features that are left out.


The Emer Deluxe Inversion Table offers a one year warranty.

Best features:

  • Long side handles help to control your pace
  • Lock out mode allows for full inversion exercises
  • Long lever allows for ankle adjustment without bending
  • Much sturdier than you would expect

Worst problems:

  • Foot rest is, essentially, non-adjustable
  • Tether strap is not labeled for easy adjustment
  • Height scale sticker comes off easily
  • The lumbar pillow is too flat
  • Instructions are unclear, and included tools are basically worthless


If you’re new to inversion therapy and good at assembling with minimal instruction, this is a cheap alternative to many higher end tables.

It is pretty stable and will definitely get the job done.

If you’re easily frustrated when it comes to assembly and adjustment, and you have the budget for a better unit, this might not be the best choice for you.


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